Madisons Dessert Menu

Madisons Dessert Menu

Any of the following can be chosen when selecting from our Lunch, Early Bird,

Evening or Sunday three course menus

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Vanilla Crème Brulee £5.50

Finished with a blowtorch to give a caramel crust

Apple Crème Caramel £5.50

Apple caramel surrounded by summer fruits

Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.50

Made from our own recipe, served with custard,

cream or ice cream

Crepe Cerise £5.50

Traditional French pancake with a cherry filling served with freshly whipped cream

Summer Pudding £5.50

Summer fruits pressed into a bread mould creating a crimson treasure chest, served with cream or ice cream

Eton Mess £5.50

A combination of meringue, whipped cream

Ice cream and strawberries

Strawberry Cheesecake £5.50

A baked vanilla cheesecake, topped with fresh strawberries and served with strawberry coulis and cream

Sweet of The Day £5.50

Please ask what creation our chef has produced today!

Ice Cream Selection £4.90

Choose three scoops from our Carte D’Or selection of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Rum and Raisin flavours

British and Continental Cheeses £6.50

A wide selection served with crackers, celery and a home made apple chutney

Affogato £4.90

Vanilla ice cream accompanied by espresso coffee and Italian biscuits. To make it extra special, add a

Baileys or a liqueur of your choice priced at £3-30 extra

Cafe  Gourmand £5.50

Chef’s selection of miniature desserts accompanied by an espresso, this is one if you like surprises!


Dessert Wines

Campbells Rutherglen Muscat   £18.95

Monbazillac  £17.95


Coffee and Tea Selection

All our coffees are made from Arabica beans, freshly ground at the point of service

Espresso Single £1.80/Double £2.20

A shot of intensely strong black coffee

Cappuccino £2.50

A large cup of espresso coffee topped with foamed milk

and finished with sprinkles of cocoa

Cafe Americano £2.20

A regular coffee, ground at the point of service

Floater coffee £2.75

A large glass of Cafe Americana, finished with whipped cream and sprinkles of cocoa

Latte £2.50

A large glass of steamed milk and a shot of floating espresso

Mocha £2.75

A large glass of chocolate infused coffee, with steamed milk

finished with whipped cream

Hot Chocolate £2.75

A large glass of cocoa topped with steamed milk,

finished with whipped cream and sprinkles of cocoa

Cafetiere for four £6.50 / For Six £8.95

Liqeur Coffee £6.00

£2.50 Supplement when choosing a coffee as part of a three course menu

A treat at any time of the day. Choose from:

 Irish (Irish whiskey)

Scotch (Scotch whisky)

French (Brandy )

Calypso (Tia Maria),

Jamaican (Dark Rum)

Orange (Cointreau)

Russian (Vodka)

Amaretto or Baileys


Pot of traditional English Tea for one £2.00

Pot of speciality Tea £2.00.  Choose from:



Earl Grey

Green Tea and selected fruit tea


LIQUEURS (25ML) £3.30

Aaretto, Tia Maria, Cointreau, Drambuie, Kahula, Glayva, Sambuca, Grand Marnier

Baileys (50ML) £4.40


Couvoisier or Martell £3.40

Remy VSOP £4.40

Remy XO £7.90

Calvados, Armagnac £3.00


Ruby Port £2.70

Late Bottled Vintage £3.60


Glemorangie, Glenfiddich, Laphroaif, Talisker  £6.00

Laguvulin £6.30

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